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Why are Fortune 500 companies losing
Age Discrimination in Employment lawsuits?

The answer is simple: the list of private companies that have paid costly age-related settlements reads like a "who's who" of Wall Street, largely because of noncompliance with diversity mandates.

The public sector has also seen an increase in lawsuits due to age discrimination in employment. Settlements have reached as high as $70 million.

Many lawsuits were caused by arrogant attitudes or stereotypes about older workers and lack of employee age diversity. Perhaps executives and board members failed to prioritize training for an age-neutral workplace, which provides a natural source of mentoring and collaboration for younger employees who will ultimately replace the older employees.

Don't let an age discrimination lawsuit happen to your firm. Our work in providing executive management training to help reduce the likelihood of an age-related lawsuit, as well as litigation consulting to assist attorneys with age discrimination in employment cases, has become necessary and important.

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