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Are you prepared for the "Silver Tsunami"?

By the end of next decade, more than 20 percent of the U.S. population – almost 80 million people – will be over age 65 (2010 U.S. Census).

They hold significant wealth and influence, over elections, consumer products, telecom, and housing. GeroBiz delivers programs and services that assist clients in understanding the preferences and needs of the "Silver Market."

With the extension of life into the 90s and older, many Baby Boomers expect to work longer than their parents' generation. In fact, with multiple generations working side by side, intergenerational conflict can result from younger bosses with little understanding of older workers and communication styles.

GeroBiz was founded to help Employers prevent age related lawsuits, by performing audits of hiring practices, layoff plans, benefits, and training. We then provide detailed plans for improving liabilities before they escalate into losses.

GeroBiz helps companies achieve workplace fairness by sensitizing staff members to the normal issues of aging and the special challenges of your industry. We also provide training programs for sales and communications professionals on how to deal with customers who may be "old at a young age."

Do you create and deliver marketing plans that target your older customers? If your company provides a product or service that targets older adults, you need to be sensitive to the "Silver Market" of customers who reject generic advertising messages that used to work. Is your marketing message in sync with the sensitivities and senses of the Silver Market?

Unlike the "Silent Generation" that grew up during the Great Depression, lived through the hardships of World War II, and enjoyed a long spell of prosperity, Boomers have different experiences and priorities. They are tech savvy and purchase software, games and entertainment online. They retain better health than their parents and pursue social and civic engagement. GeroBiz collaborates with your marketing staff to develop campaigns that work for this demographic.

Employee Recruitment professionals benefit from understanding the "Silver Tsunami." Do your gatekeepers invite a diverse workforce or screen out candidates who represent minorities? When was the last time that you measured and/or analyzed applicants and recruitment?

Reviewing your workforce statistics, along with regular review of corporate practices, should be routine business but, sadly, is neglected by many firms. For example, if a large number of valuable older workers at your firm announce that they are electing early retirement at around the same time, it might be difficult (and expensive) to replace them. Consider the advantages of an age-diverse workforce, where younger workers become mentors to older workers, along with the reverse. The transition process smoothes out as a result.

GeroBiz helps business and government clients communicate—internally and externally—in age-neutral ways. It's simply good business—and a good way to avoid legal action.

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