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Steve Young

Freeman, Freeman & Smiley, LLP
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October 18, 211

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Wendy Goldman for more than 25 years and have followed her career closely.  She has exhibited keen foresight by predicting the financial, legal, and social effects that aging of the American workforce will have, and the implications for society.  She wisely chose a career in Corporate Gerontology, where her unique skills and knowledge have become increasingly relevant, along with the impact of aging on the Baby Boom generation.  She has personally educated me in the intricate nature of workplace aging, including the way that my colleagues and I perceive our own aging.

Age discrimination is subtle and requires an ever vigilant, impartial third party to spot potential issues and counsel with management before they become legal problems.  Wendy’s unique education and experience, both academically and professionally, renders her ability to substantially contribute in a meaningful way to management, second to none.  Accordingly, her capabilities are highly valued among her peers.  She is passionate about her consulting work, is an articulate communicator, and provides complete confidentiality to all parties in performing her work in a delicate area which is a potential minefield for management.

The aging American workforce has become a deep concern for most companies, and has lasting economic repercussions.  Wendy’s abilities are certainly useful to management in realizing the value of evaluating older workers according to their achievements and contributions to the “bottom line,” not their age.  In addition, an age-neutral workplace provides a natural source of mentoring and collaboration for younger employees who will ultimately replace the older employees.  Wendy’s skills are also invaluable for helping clients avoid legal problems that no company wants or needs.  Wendy also is an articulate and forceful expert witness on age discrimination in the workplace.

In summary, I highly recommend Wendy Goldman as a Corporate Gerontologist and business professional.


Steven E. Young, for

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